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How is the Decision Maker contacted?

When you create a petition on Campoal, we ask you to designate ‘Who can make this change’. This is your ‘Decision Maker’ and they are usually an elected official, government body, or leader of a company.

While typing in your Decision Maker, you may see their name listed in a drop down menu. This means we have their contact information on record. If you don’t see your Decision Maker in the list, click on the ‘Not Found? Create as your new petition recipient’.

If your Decision Maker was not found in our list, you will need to add their contact information for them to be contacted. This is done by clicking the “Petition details” menu (located at the upper right side of the petition) and selecting “Edit petition”. If this is added, Campoal will notify your decision maker about your petition as soon as you reach 5 signatures. Your decision maker will also be notified periodically as your signature count rises, so it’s important to include the right email address. To find it you can:

Use internet searches and check inside PDF documents like conference presentations or board papers.
Use the company email convention and try variations. For example to contact Tallah Smith you might try t.smith@company.com, tallah@company.com, smith@company.com, tallah.smith@company.com.
Call and ask!
If we do not have the email address on file, and you do not add contact information, we will not be able to alert the Decision Maker to your petition’s presence.

Please know that if you have any other questions, you can click the “Contact support” option at the top of this page and send a request to our team. We will be happy to further assist you.

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