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Millions of people come to Campoal to start and sign petitions that boldly call for social change. Become a member today and fuel our mission to empower EVERYONE to create the kind of change they want to see.

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Influence over decision makers

We help people reach the business and government leaders whose decisions impact their lives, giving them the power they deserve. Connecting advocates and decision makers facilitates meaningful changes in policies, laws and business practices.

Expert campaign advice

Most people who start petitions are new to the world of advocacy and activism. Our staff provide advice for mobilizing support, generating media interest and lobbying elected officials.

Better activism technology

The technology we build to empowers everyday people to improve the world around them. We have big ideas for the future, but we need your financial support to fuel new technological development.

We can't do this type of work without your generous monthly support.

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Weigh in on upcoming website features and more

Weigh in on upcoming website features and more

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into inspiring

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into inspiring

We'll continue to find other ways to thank members

We'll continue to find other ways to thank members

You can help change the world

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Reinventing business

We believe technology can drive change at a scale that’s never been seen before — this requires the innovation of a tech startup, but comes with all the costs of a top website. As a Public Benefit Corporation, we’re a company with a social mission held to high external standards of accountability. Our model relies on membership contributions from people like you.